June 2022 WNA Updates and Activities

Hi all,

I received an update from the newly elected WNA President regarding some recent activities and initiatives.

Thanks, WNA, for sending this information along. I very much appreciate the new communication channel.

(1) Traffic control updates.

The DPW in a recent meeting (see previous post), advocates for a traffic control measure at the intersection of 64th Street/Arden Drive/Meridian Street.  The WNA supports this control measure and additionally expresses concerns about traffic control south of that intersection, namely the lack of left-turn lanes at 63rd Street and Meridian Street, 62nd Street and Meridian Street, and 61st Street/Laverock and Meridian Street.

(2) Grant proposal for Warfleigh neighborhood signs. The WNA recently submitted to the City a grant proposal seeking $9,375 in funds to place identifying signs throughout the Warfleigh neighborhood. You may see the proposal here, and the logic for such: https://warfleigh.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/neighborhood-grants-program-final-6-6-22.docx.pdf.

You may wish to give the proposal a look and share with the WNA your thoughts, ideas, and concerns (see https://warfleigh.com/ for contact information). Do you support this initiative?  Is this the best use of City/taxpayer funds? Will this help the neighborhood become stronger and united? The neighborhood likely does face future challenges.

Thanks, and, again, appreciate the opportunity to share this information.

Jim Polito


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