June 2022 WNA Updates and Activities

Hi all,

I received an update from the newly elected WNA President regarding some recent activities and initiatives.

Thanks, WNA, for sending this information along. I very much appreciate the new communication channel.

(1) Traffic control updates.

The DPW in a recent meeting (see previous post), advocates for a traffic control measure at the intersection of 64th Street/Arden Drive/Meridian Street.  The WNA supports this control measure and additionally expresses concerns about traffic control south of that intersection, namely the lack of left-turn lanes at 63rd Street and Meridian Street, 62nd Street and Meridian Street, and 61st Street/Laverock and Meridian Street.

(2) Grant proposal for Warfleigh neighborhood signs. The WNA recently submitted to the City a grant proposal seeking $9,375 in funds to place identifying signs throughout the Warfleigh neighborhood. You may see the proposal here, and the logic for such: https://warfleigh.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/neighborhood-grants-program-final-6-6-22.docx.pdf.

You may wish to give the proposal a look and share with the WNA your thoughts, ideas, and concerns (see https://warfleigh.com/ for contact information). Do you support this initiative?  Is this the best use of City/taxpayer funds? Will this help the neighborhood become stronger and united? The neighborhood likely does face future challenges.

Thanks, and, again, appreciate the opportunity to share this information.

Jim Polito


STAKEHOLDER MEETING: Meridian Street Drainage and Traffic Flow Improvements

Hi all, I received the following notice I thought I would share.

Stakeholder Meeting: Meridian Street Drainage Improvements

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

6-7:30 p.m.

Holliday Park Nature Center

6363 Spring Mill Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46260

Greetings! Join staff from Indy DPW on Tuesday, June 14, from 6-7:30 p.m., to learn about drainage improvements and road rehabilitation planned for Meridian Street from White River to 96th Street in 2023. Indy DPW plans to invest approximately $6.7 million in drainage improvements and structural road rehabilitation on Meridian Street between 64th and 96th Streets. Drainage work will include cleaning culverts along with replacing vulnerable or failed culverts where needed. There will be a short presentation at 6 p.m. followed by an opportunity to ask questions with Indy DPW staff. Stakeholders will be able to share comments and provide written feedback on proposed plans following the presentation. Learn more at: https://www.indy.gov/activity/major-transportation-projects , Street Improvements, Future Projects.  Reach out to Lane.Wolf@indy.gov for a virtual meeting reminder. Additionally, contact Lane for  questions or special accommodations: Lane.Wolf@indy.gov or 317-954-3558.

I also understand  there’s likely there’s to be talk about the potential for a stoplight + infrastructure improvements at Meridian and 64th / Arden Drive at this meeting, too.

Thanks to the WNA for the head’s up!

Jim Polito

Spring 2022 Levee and Floodwall Update

Hi all,

Please find below the most recent levee and floodwall update I was able to obtain from DPW.  The update is a little bit confusing and raises certain questions (also see below).  I’ve reached out to the DPW for clarification, but that might take a little time due to conflicting schedules and events.  I’ll be sure to provide another update as soon as I hear anything else.

Thanks, and please feel free to reach out with any questions.


DPW Update:

As you are aware the Department has been working with the USACE to address utility inspection needs and associated work as well as an impact to the flood wall created by local utility work.  The utility inspection and follow-up repairs have been approved by the USACE and are moving forward per plan and USACE oversight.  The directed utility restoration effort is approved by the USACE and will be proceeding in the upcoming weeks.  These items are sufficiently addressed at this time.  Necessary work will continue to meet the USACE required outcomes.

The Department was also informed this week that the IDNR Division of Water noted concurrence with the USACE submitted River Hydraulic Model and proposed revisions to the floodplain.  This information in addition to other provided Department information will allow the USACE to make the necessary submittal for certification to the FEMA.  The Department is aware that the USACE project team is in communication with FEMA to make the submittal of the sizable packet of technical information.  I can send a follow-up notice when the documents are noted received by FEMA.

Also, the USACE and Department will be completing the annual inspection of the levee/floodwall system in June 2022.

Clarification Requested:

(1) Most significantly, what now is the estimated timeline for certification and accreditation?

(2) Please describe in more detail the nature of the work required to address utility inspection needs and the expected timeline for completion.

(3) Please describe in more detail the nature of the work required to address the impact of local utility work and the expected timeline for completion.

(4) What does it mean when the DPW says “these items (above) are sufficiently addressed at this time?”

(5) When will USACE submit to FEMA the “sizeable packet of technical information” required for certification?

(6) What major milestones/activities may we expect between certification and accreditation?