Levee and Floodwall Project

The Indianapolis North Flood Damage Reduction Project 

The Indianapolis North Flood Damage Reduction Project (“Project”) is a 20-year, 3-mile levee and floodwall project designed to provide flood risk management for the communities of Broad Ripple, Warfleigh, South Warfleigh and North Butler-Tarkington.  The project is fully funded and shovel ready with federal sources providing 75% of project funding going forward.

Completing the Project provides extensive benefit:

  • A recent engineering study shows over five feet of floodwater would surround a representative flood plain home in the event of a significant flood event.
  • Recent legislation (“Biggert-Waters Act”) and changes in the national federal flood insurance program cause annual flood insurance premiums to rise to the range of $8,000 to $10,000 per year.
  • Current levels of annual flood insurance premiums drain roughly $10 million dollars per year of purchasing power from the local economy (=2,750 structures x $3,600 annual premium = $9.9 million).
  • Current levels of annual flood insurance premiums depress area property values by roughly $173 million ($300/month premium = $63,000 mortgage (at 4%) x 2,750 structures).

Quick Overview – A snapshot of the issues we face, links to additional information regarding the Indianapolis North Flood Reduction Damage Project (“Project”), and ways to sign our petition and join our mailing list.

Full Story – An overview of area flooding history, the purpose and need for the Project, and a short description of Project alternatives, including links to project maps.

Historical Details – A complete history of the Project from the 1996 General Reevaluation Study to the June 2014 Record of Decision.  Also discusses feasible alternatives for completing the Project and recent federal legislation adversely affecting area homeowners.

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