Brief Summer 2022 Levee and Floodwall Update

Hi all,

I sought an “out-of-cycle” update because the project should be moving towards certification, and because we all look forward to project accreditation (I usually seek an update every four months).

I didn’t ask for much detail, and didn’t follow-up with any questions, but there does appear to be good news to share:

(1) DPW indicates FEMA has issued a case number and acknowledged LOMR (“Letter of Map Revision”) review.  The 90-day FEMA review period has started and is underway.

You can find more about the FEMA LOMR process here:
(2) The utility issue at 67th and Ferguson has been resolved (repaired) with USACE approval.  This is a milestone for levee safety certification by the USACE.
(3) The pipe inspections are wrapping up as well.

DPW indicates “these items are all good.”

Hope this helps!

Jim Polito 

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