Looming Effects of Biggert-Waters on Warfleigh

As I research and read more about the Biggert-Waters Act of 2012 and the subsequent Homeowners Flood Affordability Act of 2014, I find all kinds of articles and comments that pertain to the neighborhood of Warfleigh.

Make no doubt about it, if something doesn’t change, Warfleigh is doomed.  As the time-frame for the Homeowners Flood Affordability Act of 2014 nears, anyone with a mortgage with be paying “market-rates” for flood insurance.

At our most recent meeting downtown with the Department of Public Works, we mentioned the DPW project manager and staff that we expected to pay $8,000-$10,000 PER YEAR in flood insurance.  They informed us that they had heard “it was going to be more than that”.

I ask you … can you afford this??  I know we can’t.  What’s worse, is if we decide to move, we won’t be able to sell our house home because who in their right mind would buy our house with those rates looming?  And if we decide to move and rent our home, our flood insurance rates will triple because the flood insurance for non-owner occupied is even more outrageous!

The impact of these changes will forever alter the character of Scituate Warfleigh. The financial impact will result in decreased property values leaving homeowners and business owners unable to afford the new flood insurance premiums and/or remain in Scituate Warfleigh. This will diminish Scituate’s Warfleigh tax base, negatively affecting services including schools, Fire, Police Departments and our towns’ Indianapolis’s vital infrastructure.

What can you do?

We urge you to write (or better yet, email) and call public officials including our Board of Selectmen Congresswoman Susan Brooks, Massachusetts Indiana Senators and Representatives. We have included a sample and contact information for your convenience. Go to our “Resources” tab and you will find:

1. Samples of letters to send to our elected officials
2. Legislative contact information for our elected officials.

Reposted from http://scituatecoastalcoalition.org/biggert-waters_flood_insurance_reform_act_of_2012


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