Summer 2022 Levee and Floodwall Update

Hi all,

I just received some clarifying information and updates from the Department of Public Works regarding the levee and floodwall project.

The Corps of Engineers (“USACE”) certifies the design and construction of the levee/floodwall assets to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”). USACE submittal to FEMA generally implies their certification.

FEMA accredits the flood works based on their review of compliance with federal regulations.

The Indianapolis Department of Natural Resources (“IDNR”) reviews the USACE documents to determine compliance with State requirements and informs FEMA of concurrence with the USACE documents.

In most cases the USACE completes a project whole not in pieces like with the Indy North project.

The USACE has submitted all documents for certification to FEMA except for the Levee Safety Evaluation (LSE) report. Those documents have been under review by FEMA since submittal in May.

The LSE is scheduled for an August 19 submittal to FEMA.

IDNR has sent a letter of concurrence FEMA in agreement with the USACE work.

With these documents in FEMA hands, they then can complete their review for accreditation and map revision which has been underway since at least May. This is a FEMA schedule driven by Federal Law and requirements.

There is some indication that FEMA is working to complete major efforts before the end of the year, however, it is unclear, today, how the distribution of effective (revised) maps will be effected. Accordingly, we likely may expect this to occur in the neighborhood of spring 2023.

Thanks, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Jim Polito

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