Levee and Floodwall Update – Spring 2021

Hi all …

Well, here’s an update from the City on the levee and floodwall project.

I expect you may find the timeline for final accreditation disappointing.

  • On May 10, 2021, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) team responsible for the INFDRP effort met with FEMA to discuss the submittal of remaining documents and estimated timeframes for FEMA review and Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) completion. Staff from Indy DPW and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (INDR) were invited to attend this meeting.
  • Submission documents for the final USACE levee “certification” process include the completed Hydrologic and Hydraulic analysis as well as the USACE Levee Safety Evaluation Report (LSER). 
  • A positive and complete Levee Safety Evaluation Report yet requires the USACE to test the passive wall infrastructure along Westfield Boulevard at the 52nd Street crossing; this is work bid to a contractor. The contract has been bid by the USACE with returns expected June 4, 2021.  The term of this contract is 6 months.
  • With “certification” complete, USACE will submit all documentation to FEMA for their review and “accreditation”.  FEMA determines their own schedule for completing the “accreditation” process, which includes floodplain map revision.
  • Based on the notes from the May 10 meeting: Should the USACE give their contractor a Notice to Proceed on the wall testing in June 2021, the current proposed/allowable inter-agency schedule (including variables for the Westfield Boulevard wall testing, completion of the LSER, submittal of all documentation to FEMA, and completion of the LOMR review by FEMA) estimates an effective date for the newly revised floodplain map between August 2022 and May 2023.
  • The USACE and Indy DPW continue to discuss how to further reduce this timeframe if possible.

Thanks, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Jim Polito


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