June 2020 Update

The Department of Public Works (“DPW”) project manager for the Indianapolis North Flood Damage Reduction Project indicates he is not aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the timeline for accreditation and certification of the project.  While both DPW and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (“Corps”) staff were and continue to be displaced from their offices since the onset of the pandemic, coordination of work continues. DPW continues to express project completion and final submission to FEMA for accreditation will occur by spring 2021.  Remaining work largely consists of closing some “punch list items” near the Riviera Club. This includes items such as final certification of sluice gate infrastructure including such things as access ladders and closure structure protection (sluice gate infrastructure works to prevent backwater flow of flood waters into the sewer system during extreme flood events).  The Corps also is reviewing areas along the Riverview Drive/Riviera segment of the levee for proper drainage during rainfall events. For example, the DPW project manager notes the city’s Stormwater Operations Division located and removed obstructions (e.g., sediments and woody debris) from the stormwater system leading up to the Warfleigh Lift Station (which pumps stormwater from the Warfleigh area into the river during times of heavy rainfall). Clearing these obstructions eliminated the flooding that occurred a bit ago along Riverview Drive after a recent heavy rainfall. Generally, the project continues to progress, the Corps continues to do due diligence and perform periodic inspections, and DPW expects we are “close” to completing the project.


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