November 2019 Project Update

Project Completion.

The project substantially is complete and only minor work remains. This work includes things such as the startup of mechanicals such as the interior drainage pump station and installing handrails along some sections of the floodwall along Westfield Boulevard where the floodwall is low (to prevent tripping or falling over the levee/floodwall). The City expects the project to be turned over to the City by the end of the year, or early 2020 at the latest, and to receive ownership of the project (from the Army Corps of Engineers) at that time.


Certification and Accreditation.

The City of Indianapolis, Indiana Department of Natural Resources (Division of Water) and the United States Army Corps of Engineers continue to coordinate activities for final presentation to FEMA. The levee and floodwall project manager indicates this process is going well – all parties are working together collaboratively and collegially – and that he is not at all concerned or alarmed by any details currently related to the certification and accreditation process. Current work includes determining where to draw the floodway line. Establishing the floodway (and floodway line) is important and determines, for example, where development may and may not occur, or what type of development can be completed. Current efforts seek to draw the floodway line along the line of the levee and floodwall. This can free land-side areas from many development restrictions. Future work includes items such as redrawing flood plain maps, publishing proposed flood plain maps, and publishing for public notice proposed changes to flood plain maps. The certification and accreditation process expects to conclude within the next 12-months.


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