August 2019 Project Update

Indianapolis North Flood Damage Reduction Project – August 2019 Update

Project Completion.

The project contractor initially estimated end-of-July 2019 for completing heavy construction activities.  The project contractor now estimates an end-of-August completion date for heavy construction activities due to wet-weather delays in May and June.  The project contractor estimates additional work on finishing details not related to the overall operation of the levee and floodwall will be completed by early October, which is the date their contract with the Corps of Engineers ends. The delay in completing this work results from decisions between the contractor and the Corps of Engineers regarding the finishing details.  The floodgate crossing the Central Canal is completed, working and tested. A second contractor that completed work on the earthen levee behind the Riviera Club will return to extend the earthen levee from where it now terminates behind the Riviera Club to its ultimate termination point at the west end of the canal flood gate.  

Certification and Accreditation.

The City of Indianapolis, Indiana Department of Natural Resources and the United States Army Corps of Engineers continues to coordinate activities for final presentation to FEMA.  Recent activity focuses on how to “model the river” based on “coordinated flow discharges.”  That is, the City, DNR and USACE must reach a common understanding and agreement of how to model: (1) flows coming down the river from upstream areas in a flood event, and (2) flows entering the river from within the project area during a flood event.  The levee and floodwall project manager indicates this process is going well and that he is not at all concerned or alarmed by any details currently related to the certification and accreditation process.


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