June 2019 Project Update

Hello all,
I had the opportunity to speak yesterday (6/7/19) with Mike Massonne, DPW project manager of the levee and floodwall project.  Mike indicated construction is still on track to wrap up in mid- to late July.  The project when completed will provide protection against a 300-year event, or a storm that has a one-third of one percent (0.0033) probability of occurring in any given year.
The Corps continues to maintain the project until such time as it completes construction and passes control of the project to the City.  Colonel Gant of the Corps toured the project last Tuesday (6/4/19) and favorably reviewed the project.  The Colonel “quizzed” Corps staff, making sure the project is on track to finish up as scheduled.  Minor ongoing maintenance items include filling animal burrows, removing fallen trees and mowing.
Mike also indicated he has been on two phone calls between FEMA and the Corps related to the certification and accreditation process.  Most of the discussion between FEMA and the Corps focused on issues related to modelling the river and flood plain both pre- and post- project completion.  Mike indicated the conversations between the two agencies seem to be going very well and that he doesn’t see any problems going forward.
Mike indicated he believes the original design parameters remain resilient and anticipates certification and accreditation 12 months after the close of construction.
Jim Polito

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