Midtown Indianapolis

The below information was taken from the Midtown Indianapolis website, which was also sent in an email to its subscribers in late February 2016

Author: Unknown

Flood wall update:

On Thursday, Midtown Inc joined the City of Indianapolis, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and key stakeholders for an update on the Indianapolis North Flood Damage Reduction project. At the meeting we learned that by order of former Mayor Greg Ballard the long and nearly universally opposed Westfield Alignment was authorized to proceed. In addition, the US Army Corps of Engineers announced that the project has received federal funding and is now “Shovel Ready.” You may recall this project fails to provide basic/equitable flood protection for the residents of Rocky Ripple. Further the project will bifurcate Holcomb Gardens, and will cross the Central Canal necessitating a nearly $16M secondary water intake to provide emergency water flow in the event the Central Canal is destroyed by flood or the flood gate is closed. This news was disturbing and has far reaching implications for home values, safety, access to greenspace and the long term economic health of neighborhoods from Rocky Ripple north to Broad Ripple. Midtown Inc. is working alongside stakeholders to understand options moving forward and secure a commitment from Mayor Hogsett to take a second look at the plan and ensure that Indianapolis proceeds with a plan that will provide equitable flood protection and economic relief for all stakeholders.


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