Finish the Flood Wall

I’m pleased to announce a partnership between SaveWarfleigh and an
> organization newly formed by Butler-Tarkington residents,
> “FinishtheFloodwall.” Both organizations share a common mission: To
> raise awareness of the benefits of completing the Indianapolis North
> Flood Damage Reduction Project in an effort to preserve life,
> stability and property values in midtown Indianapolis, surrounding
> neighborhoods and the greater community. The organizations will share
> infrastructure, resources and expertise as appropriate, with
> FinishtheFloodwall emphasizing “boots-on-the-ground” advocacy in the
> Butler-Tarkington area. Recent FinishtheFloodwall activities include
> a Butler-Tarkington education and petition drive – you also may soon
> see throughout the Butler-Tarkington area FinishtheFloodwall signs
> (see attached!). The SaveWarfleigh sign drive had great impact – we hope
the FinishtheFloodwall sign drive has similar effect.
> For more information:
> Website: (joint website) Primary
> Contact:

Jim Polito


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