Flood Insurance NFIP v Private

This morning I found a little discussion on the Stop FEMA Now Facebook page about flood insurance with the NFIP v private flood insurance. These are actually comments that were based on one of their posts.

When we get more information regarding either, we will post it here.

Comments below.

Kathie Yates: Lloyds of London writes flood insurance for less than FEMA. I don’t know the details but i have heard it’s an option.

Stop FEMA now: There are caveats even with Private Flood Insuarnce. We will be covering this soon.

Judi Beyda: I asked about Lloyds of London and was told they only write policies for additional coverage over the $275,000 max…not under…is that true?

Gabby Sudano: I heard that if you do put in a claim they can drop you and would be difficult to get flood insurance through FEMA

George Kasimos-stopFemanow: Gabby Sudano Judi Beyda there are many caveats with private flood. Unless you can save thousands, I would stay with NFIP insurance. There is legislation in congress right now to “clarify” rules with private flood.

Judi Beyda: Thanks George!


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