City County Council Candidates respond

Last night there was another forum for District 2 candidates. I was unable to make it, however based on the video that was taken by another Warfleigh resident in attendance, I have typed the answer as best I could by Sam Goldstein in its entirety and the beginning of Kip Tews response. I would strongly encourage you to watch the video so you can hear for yourselves how each candidate will support Warfleigh or is even aware of the Indianapolis North Flood Damage Reduction project and how it affects those of us in Warfleigh. The video currently is posted on our Facebook page ( as well as Barbara Moser’s Facebook page. Hopefully later today it will also be uploaded onto our website and you will be able to view it here as well,

Tom Healy, moderator, introduces the question What type of support will give to the initiative to complete the levee in an expeditious way and is also cost effective and protects the maximum amount of houses?” Tom then attempts to clarify the issue for Sam Goldstein when Sam asks if the issue is about “a 30 foot wall that (unclear) museum?”

Response by Sam Goldstein: I don’t know if I am going to take three minutes on this but I think the idea of that unsightly wall going down through that beautiful area where we ride our bikes on the bike path through, down toward the museum and stuff um I would think that the army corps of engineers could come up with a better way of doing this or a better place to put this thing (the moderator, Tom Healy, then makes a joke about New Orleans and there is some discussion between Sam and Tom) and it seems to me that the Army Corp of Engineers didn’t do a very good job in New Orleans so um, I would be conscious about anything that they did in Broad Ripple and Warfleigh and Rocky Ripple. So, uh uh, the area has not flooded I’ve lived in this City for I hate to say it for 62 years that area has never flooded and I don’t know that it really is in a flood plain with the way um surface water routing has changed with all the paving we’ve done over the past 50 years and I think that more and more serious studies by perhaps somebody other than the army corps of engineers ought to be done before um we build something like that.

Response by Kip Tew: I have put my name on and am sponsoring the next phase of the levee project going down through the Rivi (directly talks to Sam about the Warfleigh neighborhood)… the rules as they exist now for the citizens of Warfleigh um require that if they don’t want to have incredibly exorbitant flood insurance that the levee needs to be finished. … so the next phase the will start just North of the Rive property and go down to the canal point I have sponsored the resolution to get that thing moving because I think it is critically important to not delay … HEAR THE FULL RESPONSES HERE


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