Block Captain Volunteers Needed!


Thanks to all the volunteer Warfleigh block captains !!

We have identified 17 different districts within the Warfleigh neighborhood boundaries that need a  “block captain.” The reason for dividing the neighborhood into districts  is so that it will be more
manageable once we begin to knock on doors asking for signatures on the petition etc.

The good news is we have filled 12 of the 17 districts!  Thanks to all our awesome volunteers.  We are looking for five more volunteers to fill the remaining  districts.  See the attached map HERE for the districts that still need a block captain. (Districts 10,12,14,16,17)

map of districts

If you love living in Warfleigh like we do and want to help your neighborhood, please consider volunteering!  If you want to sign up for a block captain OR anything to help us with our mission to #savewarfleigh, please contact us at  There are lots of volunteer duties…

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