Agenda for Meeting December 3

Here is a tentative agenda for our Wednesday meeting.  We hope to see you there!  IF you have ANY questions, please email us.  We LOVE our neighborhood and want to see it thrive and move forward with the rest of Indianapolis.  We need your help and input!!



December 3, 2014 Meeting

Agenda Items

•    Who We Are

•    What We Want

•    What We’ve Done

•    What We’re Working on Now

•    What We Need
•    Your Ideas for action
•    Core of active participants to help with tasks, planning and resources
•    Striving to mass of interested stakeholders to participate in events and actions

•    Next Steps
•    ACTION!!!!!!
•    Database of street addresses in affected area: our goal for the next meeting
•    Moving toward more signatures
•    Utilize petition drive to gather contact information and e-mails
•    Determine how to best harness and mobilize community force

•    Open Questions and Discussions


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