Save Our Lives and Our Homes

Area Flooding Threatens Our Lives and Homes:
Major flooding occurred in 1913, 1937, 1943, 1957, 1958, 1965, 1991, 2002, 2005 and 2007. The 1991 flood forced evacuation of 500 homes, caused life threatening injuries and extensive property damage.

Flood Insurance Premiums are Escalating:
The Biggert-Waters Act moves rates towards “full-risk” rates. The Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act slows rate increases but does not eliminate them.

The Indianapolis North Flood Damage Reduction Project will help:
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ floodwall project will protect the Broad Ripple, Warfleigh, Meridian Kessler and Butler Tarkington neighborhoods .  The City recently selected the Westfield Boulevard Alignment as its preferred alternative to completing the levee and the floodwall project.  See the News Release HERE

Downstream Neighborhood Associations oppose the Project:
Various neighborhood associations, including the Meridian-Kessler and Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Associations as well as Midtown Indianapolis, now oppose the floodwall project and asks the City to abandon its plans to complete the Project.

What You Can Do:
– Sign the petition urging the City to work with the Corps to expeditiously complete the
Indianapolis North Flood Damage Reduction Project.
– E-mail for more information and to volunteer
– Call the Mayor’s Action Center (317.327.4622) and express your support for the City’s decision to complete the Project.


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